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Parish Clerk: Mrs Judy Damant
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St Georges Allotment and Leisure Gardeners Association

This association was established in 2009 on St Georges Day, hence the name.

The aim is to provide an organisation for people in Melbourn and neighbouring areas who are interested in gardening.

It is a member of the National Society of Allotment and Leisure Gardeners and was established with their assistance. They provide regular magazines and advice on the legal status of allotments and assistance with campaigns for more allotments.

The organisation organises insurance for plot holders (as the Parish Council insurance does not cover public liability incidents happening on individual plots).

The organisation also runs stalls at local fetes providing gardening information and produces a regular newsletter. It has helped the Melbourn Primary School on their gardening project.

We have established a community plot where we grow crops for our fetes. We meet at 10 am every Friday for a couple of hours.

The organisation has established a dialogue with the Parish Council and produced a Management Plan for the Melbourn Allotment sites covering:

  1. 1. Site security (hedging & rabbit proofing, increasing biodiversity);
  2. 2. Improved Water Supply;
  3. 3. Site Management partnership (ensuring effective use of plots);
  4. 4. Stimulating community activity & benefits;
  5. 5. Future acquisition of land to meet allotment demand.

Many of these objectives have now beem achieved.

The Society participated in the Mlebourn Open Gardens in 2016 with many visitors who enjoyed a tour of the site and refreshments.

The membership fee for 2016/2017 is £5 which covers the NSALG membership and insurance.

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