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Holy Trinity Church Meldreth Kneelers

For the Millennium, Mary Course took a design fitting for the occasion for ten stitchers to complete ten kneelers which she upholstered herself.

The stitchers were Mary Course, Anne Young, Jill Price, Eira Martin, Joan Gipson, Jane Cameron, Tessa Humphries, Ann Handscombe and Janet Batchelor.

Our new project started in 2011, with Lizanne van Essen helping us with designs taken from artefacts in the church and the churchyard. She and Julie Draper with a number of others went to visit several churches to look at their designs, colours and stitches. We were impressed by the kneelers in Saffron Walden church; the main background colour was matched with the colour of the carpet and individual designs featuring a large number of individual interests, such as music, were contained within a quatrefoil, outlined in the same colour throughout.

We decided to follow their design plan taking the background colour from the carpet (the same colour used in the millennium kneelers), with red defining the quatrefoil and edges of the kneeler and pale blue for the outside of the individual designs in the quatrefoils. In each corner in the same red are the initials HT (for Holy Trinity Church). Stitchers were encouraged to "sign" their kneelers and if they wished, to add a dedication around the sides of the kneeler.

The canvas used is Penelope Antique ten holes to the inch 25 x 20 inches with Appleton's crewel wool, two threads to the inch. The red outline stitch is no 504, and the main background stitch is blue, no 566.

We have had enormous help and encouragement from Mrs Sanderson of Colorcraft in Saffron Walden who is a mine of information on tapestry and stitching in general.

This is definitely a 25 year project and happily, new members ask to join the group which meets once a month in the meeting room in Holy Trinity Church on the third Friday of every even month of the year and the third Thursday of every odd month of the year.

All are welcome! None of us are experts but we are learning all the time.

For further information, please contact:
Julie Draper, telephone (01763) 260323
Lizanne van Essen, telephone (01763) 2604362