Sustainable Living – for Meldreth Parish

The Sustainable Parish Energy Partnership (SPEP) is an initiative sponsored by South Cambridgeshire District Council and currently has 23 partnership parishes. Meldreth joined in 2011 and is still developing its strategies and recruiting a small cadre of volunteers to help run the scheme.

Hopefully, by next year we will be able to report about our achievements on this page.

For the moment we really need about 6 people to come forward to join the group.

We need folk who can:

-deliver leaflets
-have ideas about sustainability and have the drive to help put them into practice
-be prepared to help with promotional displays at various village functions
-get involved in other activities such as helping with installing and progressing energy monitoring and checking heat loss with infra red cameras
SPEP Meldreth has free energy monitors to loan out and for those interested in finding out where their energy costs are being wasted, we are able to measure heat loss from houses!

Whether or not you think climate change is coming; its a racing certainty that energy costs, electricity, gas, oil, water, are all going to cost us more.

So What does SPEP really do?

SPEP aims to raise awareness in local communities about sustainability, help households to save energy costs and promote sustainability of all our precious natural resources which none of us can afford to use unnecessarily or waste.

Browse around the above websites to learn more……

If you would like to be a part of this exciting project or learn more, please click here to email us.

If you want to keep up to date with sustainability issues, Cambridge Blogger Nicola Terry, who wrote ‘Energy And Carbon Emissions: the way we live today’ runs an excellent blog  


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These websites can help you learn
more about how you and your family
can save energy and save money
and help everyone to a sustainable future:
  South Cambs District Council’s SPEP page
 Cambridge Carbon Footprint
 Insulation – 1st step
 Transition Cambridge Energy Group
Midsummer Energy
 Feed in Tariffs
 Microgeneration Certification Scheme
 Energy Saving Trust
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All about sharing lifts
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Love Food Hate Waste-recipes
Links are to organisations & companies who either
showcased at one of our Energy Event days
or are known to us through other means.