Planning Committee

Council Planning meetings are usually held bi-monthly on Thursdays providing there is business to discuss.   The Unapproved minutes are available for download as soon as possible afterwards. Documents, in .pdf format, will be available for download on a rolling 12 month basis.   A .pdf Reader is needed for this – see below for free download of our favourite fast, easy and lightweight Foxit Reader.

Advice on Planning Issues for Meldreth Residents

Many more planning applications are now being dealt with at meetings of the Parish Council Planning Committee. Answers to the following frequently asked questions may be helpful:

What can Meldreth Parish Council do?
The Parish Council is consulted by South Cambridgeshire District Council (SCDC) on all planning applications submitted for Meldreth and has 21 days to respond with a recommendation to the SCDC Planners.

The recommendation can be for SCDC to “Approve” or “Refuse” the application or “No recommendation”.

Our recommendation is not binding on SCDC who have the final say but can influence the way the application is handled. If the Parish Council recommends refusal and the SCDC planners want to approve then, if our reasons for refusal are sound and the application is deemed significant, the final decision will be made in public by the full SCDC Planning Committee.

This committee is made up of elected district councillors who will consider the advice from the planners (including the Meldreth Parish Council statement) and also representations from our district councillor, Meldreth Parish Council, the applicant and any objectors, who have arranged to speak in advance.

How do I know about planning applications that affect me?
Neighbours whose property is directly adjoining the site of a planning application will normally be advised by letter from SCDC that an application has been received. The Parish Council will try to ensure that this happens. SCDC will also post a notice adjacent to the application site.

Plans can be viewed by arrangement with the clerk at the Parish Office in Meldreth or at SCDC offices in Cambourne or online at:

How do I get my views across to Meldreth Parish Council and SCDC?
If you have concerns about any planning issues you should contact the Parish Clerk in the first instance on 01763 269928. She will be able to advise you of the status of the application and when the Meldreth Parish Council Planning Committee will consider their response to SCDC.

Our planning committee meetings are held in public in the village hall and members of the public are invited to address the committee on any items on the agenda at the start of the meeting.

This includes any applicants who wish to support their own applications or just want to hear what the Parish Council decides. Objectors, supporters and applicants cannot take part in the discussion but their views will be considered carefully and it is important that we hear directly from you. Any concerns can also be put in writing through the Parish Clerk to the committee.

Agenda for planning meetings are posted on the Parish Council notice board opposite ‘One Stop’ shop 4 days before planning meetings are held on a Thursday. Concerned parishioners should also write to planners at SCDC, with a copy to our district councillor, before the deadline posted on the web site or on the public notice.

Mr Rob Searles leads on planning issues for the Parish Council and is happy to hear from anyone who has questions.
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